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Who's this guy?

Hello! My name is Eamonn Powers, I live, work, and run in High Ridge Missouri, a town just outside of Saint Louis. I'm originally from New York, my parents were very heavily in the Lower East Side music scene while I was growing up and those years of being at shows, making flyers, and meeting interesting people certainly helped shape who I am today.

I've been flying, working, or developing content for airplanes and aircraft manufacturers for the last 10 years. I've had the pleasure to work and live around the globe, and still love traveling to new places and seeing new things.

While living in San Diego, I worked independently for 7 years. I built my own websites, made my own courseware, developed my own marketing strategies, and made sure I hit my bottom line. Those years gave me a perspective on what is possible when you are passionate and determined. I now use that passion and determination at work with FlightSafety International in our support of Embraer Executive Jets.

In the last four years I have begun delving more into my creative roots. I've helped develop a number of websites, logos, graphics, and textual content for both business and pleasure. I'm looking to continue on this path while completing my post graduate studies.

I have a beautiful family, who adventures with me to ultramarathons and gives me perspective on the efforts I put forth both at work and in academia.

Thank you for visiting my personal page and if there is anything I can help with, I'd love to hear about it.